Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiki Time : The Great Tiki visits the Puka Bar and other Big Tiki ideas

(May 13th 2008)

The Great Tiki here------While checking out some of my Tiki friends from the Pineappleman page I came across a Tiki Bar in Long Beach.    I used all of my Tiki Powers to urge Brad to take me to this Oasis--this Tiki Haven---and eventually he caved. 
The Puka Bar was cool and was filled with great Tiki’s.  Here is a pictorial look at this Tiki Themed bar.   (which also lead to great ideas  running through the Great Tiki’s mind)
(The Great Tiki Loving the Neon Sign out front)
(The Tiki’s  protect the Booze)
Behind the Bar
Glass Tiki Mug  "My Precious ---we wants the Glass Tiki Mug---we needs it"
OK  this is really cool    Tiki Beer Taps

"Behave or this could happen to you"  0r   "the case of Shrunken Heads "
The Great Tiki goes for a dip in the World’s  Strongest Mai Tai  (Literally swimming after one of these)

Tiki Roll call
Bart The Sharp Toothed Tiki 
Robotiki    (The Tiki of the Future)
Chappy the Lip Balm Tiki
Monk  The Tiki  of Baldness
Larry  --Moe---And Curly
Screamy The Tiki (The Hangover Tiki)
I call The Big One   Bitey  (be careful not to cross paths with this angry Tiki)
Ugly John
This Tiki is such a wallflower
Zombie Time  (The Drink) "with an umbrella just like in the magazine"
Eric  Say  "More Brains"
Anyway so that brings me to the idea’s  swirling around inside my Tiki Head.
The Pineappleman’s  Bar-----and The Great Tiki Lounge
First just taking off and Pineapplizing  the Puka Bar concept with a little Pineappleman flavor.   I envisioned a cool little local  Tiki Bar  to be owned and operated by the Pineappleman. 

The Pineappleman’s Bar  Taking the the cool Green Girl Saloon concept   of cute friendly girl bartenders in bikinis  and spicing it up with a little Tiki flavor  --I Envisioned a cool little Tiki Themed bar with cute Polynesian girls in Coconut bras and grass skirts as the bartenders.   Karokee  night would be  hosted by none other than the Pineappleman  --now retired from his days as an Adventurer   --he settles into his later years as the owner and host of the bar.   (ok simple --basically just a  little Tiki  bar with the Pineappleman and the cute bartenders.)
Of course once the mind starts spinning new bigger more unrealistic ideas spring to the head.    And thus the little Tiki bar quickly become a huge   three level Vegas night club.
The Great Tiki Lounge
Of course the Coconut bra wearing Polynesian  Girl bartenders (stay of course-)-- This 3 level Tiki Themed Vegas Nightclub  --would have indoor waterfalls  flanking a giant Volcano that would bubble up with red light waters.  There would be cozy little alcoves for hanging out with friends that would have Tiki heads on the wall that would occasionally burst into conversations with each other.    There would be a giant  animatronic Tiki Head on the Wall above the Volcano that would  serve as head of ceremonies , DJ ..ETC....   
Stealing from the Pineappleman  concepts (the talking Gorillas from the songs and legends)  there would be  "The Shot Gorilla"    (walking around giving out shots)
Once a night there would be a short 4 minute  ceremony where a beautiful girl dressed as an adventurer is taken to the top of the Volcano ---Tied to poles  by 2 gorillas  and stripped down to her bikini and sacrificed to the Volanco  for one hour of half price drinks   (Kind of like a mix between the Fay Wray scene in  King Kong  and the Temple of Doom  Mola Ram scene---The music definitely Mola Ram style)
OHHH the merchandising.......once again my fun ideas are totally wild and ridiculous  --and with my lack of any art ability can’t even be drawn .  But still there it is the Tiki Fueled delusions of a  Tiki
Tiki Out


  1. unfortunately it closed last month or so. new bar, new ownership.

  2. Unlucky.....I went there several times.
    Cool place - But it wasn't in the greatest of locations in Long Beach
    I wish they could have one down on 2nd Street---that would be a better area of town.

  3. I have pictures of the Tiki Bar in Mammoth Lakes as well that I will have to post --