Monday, September 23, 2013

Dropping By the Bali Hai---Post Oasis

Since we always miss out on all of the Thursday night Tiki Oasis  fun.....We decided to drop by the Bali Hai and maybe have a little lunch before heading back up the coast on Sunday after we packed up.

Tiki Dock

 They had a big Sunday brunch going on which we weren't really in the mood for at the time so we just took a few pictures and then  headed up the coast for a lunch on the beach.  Hopefully next year we can finally make it down for Thursday night

 Pineappleman photo op

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tiki Song of the Week: Skurkarna - "The Reckless Villain"

Here is my pick for the Tiki Song of the Week

Tiki Room 50th Anniversary: The Pineappleman gets a new shirt

While out at the park the other day we stopped by the shop at the bank on Main Street and saw that there are still some leftovers from the Tiki Room 50th anniversary event that you can pick up.
I had to get the latest Tiki Room SHAG shirt seen below. 

They also had some cool Disney Mugs still available along with some Art work and cool Shag Tiki Room coasters.

I'm really wishing I had the funds to go wild in here.....but the shirt was all I could get for now.   I really wanted this cool Aloha Isle Adventureland sign.