Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun with Spies: Episode #1 The Liquidator 1966 5 out of 10

Since this years Tiki Oasis theme is Spies I thought I would throw together a little Spy Movie  section for my Tiki blog to warm up to Oasis this summer......There is James Bond of course the Spy of all spies,  but there are many other spy films and movies to explore beyond bond...

For the first movie I'll start off with one I randomly recorded off  TCM that I had never heard of before.  The Liquidator starring Rod Taylor of the Time Machine fame.   From 1966 a spy spoof that happened as a part of the whole trying to cash in on Bond's success.

Mistakenly hired as a lethal assassin Rod Taylor stars in this Bond wannabe from  1966.  Made to cash in on the Bond Success this movie misses the target.  It wants to be a playful spoof like In Like Flynt and the Max Helm movies then forgets to be funny.   The movie's  opening song is   sung by  Shriley Bassey (who sang several of the Bond songs) .   No matter how many Bond girls they put in the film it just really never clicks or gets off the ground.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiki Hot Sauce: Post Christmas bargain

While stopping in at Big Lots I stumble across this little Tiki Themed  5 Hot Sauce Gift set  that was obviously a hold over from Christmas.    I liked it for just the art on the box, but for $5 I actually bought it with the thought....It will be great for in the room at Tiki Oasis 2012.......Can't wait.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Totally Tiki : House as seen from the boardwalk in Newport Beach (from a couple years ago)

I would love to have walked down the path to see the rest of the yard --but it is someone's  totally cool beach  front property....It looks like they have a tiki bar in the background

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tiki Rose Parade Float 2012

I noticed  during the rose parade that Downey had a Tiki style float....I would have loved to go up and see the parade floats post parade but that wasn't possible this year.
Here are some pictures of it from the web