Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tiki Run Part 2--Getting in shape for Oasis (or the Tiki's of The Penisula and Belmont Shore)

My run continued down the Bay Shore side of the Peninsula  past more homes.      Henry has the right idea.

Sea Turtles ---Hawaiian Style

A Sea Serpent   "We must have been submerged too long"

I wish this was my house!

I just liked this boat art --brought back beach memories

 Alfredo's  Bay Shore

Bay Shore Tiki

Bay Shore Tiki

The Run Continues

Passing by what they call Horny Corner..... More Front Porch Tikis

I decide to run up and down half the streets on the beach side of Bayshore...A took some more Tiki/Beach Pictures

Ocean Blvd

And the 7 miles ends of course with the hill

I will do another Belmont Shore run covering the other streets I haven't yet hit later this week....Hope you enjoyed this little multi tasking journey.......Getting into Tiki Oasis Shape and documenting the local Tiki/Beach style

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tiki Run Part 1--Getting in shape for Oasis (or the Tiki's of The Penisula and Belmont Shore)

Last year I called my swimming challenge  "Getting the Tiki Oasis Body" . 

 My attempt at shedding some extra pounds by swimming them away in the pool...   It was very effective...as well as Producing a good summer tan from the miles and miles of swimming.........Since then I've shed many extra pounds --by pounding the pavement during the winter months that were too cold to swim unless you are a Penguin....    Now that Summer has begun I've hit the pool again on top of my running......I thought it would be fun to gather info for a couple of blogs at once......My  Death of He Fat blog (that details my weight loss)  and my Pineappleman Tiki blog........So this week I went on a Tiki Run....With camera in hand I left the Chowen Beach resort   (folks place)  and headed for a good 7 mile run  (with camera in hand )  down the beach to the end of the Peninsula and winding my way through some of Belmont Shore.....The goal:   Burn some calories  and document some Tiki's/ and Beach style living of the area

The Run begins heading down the hill from The Chowen Beach resort past the mighty 60 foot palm 

A Reminder to hit the pool after my run   --did 1.5 miles in the pool

Cool Palms on a gateway on the way to the beach

Alfredo's at Granada  Home of  Tiki Beach Festival,  Summer Movies on the Beach and more

The Peninsula......Where I used to spend my summers on the beach for Jr Lifeguards back in the day

A Cool  Tiki bench  on some stairway on the Peninsula

Some Tiki Torches and Palm  --Someone's little piece of Tiki

The End of the Peninsula  ---Hello  Seal Beach hiding behind those Palms

An Interesting Gateway to someones  Bayshore home

Another Home rocking the Beach Style living

Coming up in Part 2   ---The Bayshore Alfredo's Tiki  ---Horny Corner Tikis and part of the Beachside  of Belmont Shore......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Huntington Surf styles really nail it (Winter Time)

Sunday  I visited Kim at work in the morning like i tend to do on Sundays....Then while  walking my parents dog around their neighborhood on a warm and beautiful  day  --just felt really good about life in Southern California  ....I mean  Southern Californian Rocks....Where else can you have a day like this in So Cal.....I asked END if he was up to a D-land trip----but instead we hit the beach area... Huntington Beach...
I wanted to check out this new restaurant the Aloha Grill and Tiki Bar-----NOT SO MUCH a tiki Bar ---but Hawaiian themed ---UMM  Pineapples.... and Daiquiris......
Tiki Time

Love hanging out on Main Street in the HB and people watching... Walking down to the beach in the middle of winter on a 80 degree day ---you wouldn't know it wasn't July........Well maybe This guy doesn't know it is July???

Street Performers  it is like a car crash you have to look


Tiki Car drove by   -I had to get a picture

I couldn't resist this pic with END in it

We were about to leave the beach area then heard tribal drums

And found more Tikis

Oh the harsh  Southern Californian Winters


Saturday, May 28, 2011

A look back Don the Beachcomber event June 27th 2010

Last Sunday we took advantage of a fun free distraction for the little ones at Don the Beachcomber’s –which hosted a free event that included free Shave Ice –How to get up on a Surfboard instruction---Hula lessons , Tiki Mask Drawing and some treat that was basically candy cooked into a flour tortilla looking thing….. An great fun hour for the kids –that had $2 Mai Tais for the adults….

Don the Beachcombers Free Family Fun Event June 27th 2010
Don the Beachcombers Free Family Fun Event June 27th 2010 Ummmm Good Stuff
Don the Beachcombers Free Family Fun Event June 27th 2010 Tiki Art

Don the Beachcombers Free Family Fun Event June 27th 2010
Hula Lessons 


TIME to  learn how to surf