Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Pineappleman Returns to Oahu: Tikis and Mai Tais Day 1

We arrived in Oahu with 3 extra hours from the time change --so we actually had a little time to enjoy our arrival day.   

We checked into the Hilton Hawaiian Village and noticed our first Tiki of the trip located at the base of our hotel tower.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is a huge resort with multiple towers and tons of shops and restaurants.   A partial ocean view that isn't too shabby.

We were hungry so we headed down stairs to check out the hotel and grab a bit to eat at the Tropics Bar and Grille for an early dinner and our first Tiki drinks of the trip

Not a bad start to our vacation.  It was my first trip back to Oahu since the OJ car chase and my wife's first trip.

Since it had been so long since my last trip and my wife's first time here I thought that we would start off the trip with a little tour down the beach.

Waikiki Beach

We wandered along the  boardwalk as far as the Sheraton.  A great hotel that I would totally pick to stay at on a future trip.

Here is a picture of The Edge Pool at the Sheraton Waikiki.... 
You can't get a better pool view than this one.

Mai Tai at the Edge Pool

We arrived back at our hotel just in time for the Torch lighting.
Here is a picture for all the ladies of the Torch guy.

We were tired so decided to head up to our room to watch the Sunset and catch the Hilton Hawaiian Village firework show.
The Sunset was great.....The Fireworks show.......well we blew that.
It goes off on the other side of the Rainbow Tower at the far left of the picture below we could only see the reflection of the show in the building to the right.    My mistake,

Up next Day 2 a Trip to Aulani.......I'll probably be posting all my Aulani pictures over on my Disney blog.....But I'll post links on my Pineappleman Facebook page.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Hatch: Sliders, Craft Beers and Tiki Cocktails

Sliders, Craft Beers and Tiki Cocktails

We recently visited a cool secret Speak Easy called the Blind Rabbit in Anaheim which inspired an idea I had for a Tower of Terror Bar at the Disneyland Resort.  You can see that blog below.

Anyway--after visiting the Blind Rabbit we heard that a new bar would be opening in Tustin by the same owner called The Hatch.
When I found out that it would be serving Sliders and Tiki drinks and that it would have Mod SHAG look it went to the top of our places to visit list.

Located at the back of this cool shopping and dining area called the Union Market in Tustin sits The Hatch.  
 The Hatch is a small little bar with SHAG artwork.

Here are their signature cocktails.

They also had a good selection of Craft Beers as well.

SHAG Wallpaper!!   Where do I get that?

Aside from the SHAG Wallpaper that place looks like a throwback to an old diner with some Mod style touches.

The Slider portions were a little small you only get two (where at many places you might get three for that price).   You couldn't argue with how good they tasted though.   I had the Rum Braised Slider with roasted garlic aioli, pineapple chutney, and cilantro --which was amazing.   It couldn't hold a candle to the other Slider which was Grilled Cheese Manchego, Apple and Honey.   
That one was too die for.

I enjoyed the Lama Nui Tiki cocktail. 
I love me some Rum drinks.

And they had version of a Mai Tai during happy hour.  
It wasn't a traditional Mai Tai but still tasted good.

The Hatch webpage can be found here.

Check out the rest of what the Union Market in Tustin has to offer. on their website.   We also stopped at the fun little Central Bar that sits in the middle of this cool little area.  The Union Market was a cool little area similiar to the OC Mix and Anaheim Packing District.  

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Unexpected Tiki Style Vacation in San Diego: The Catamaran Resort

We headed down to San Diego and hotel circle for a cheer competition.  It wasn't meant to be a Tiki Style weekend at all.
I got a deal on for the Mission Valley Resort in      Hotel Circle…..which turned out to be Booking.Horrible.    It was like a bad rundown Motel 6  that made me think of the Tents that Clark Griswald stayed in in Vacation.     Here is a picture of the view from our room.   Nice pool huh!

After a horrible night of sleep (or lack thereof )  due to what sounded like a bowling alley in the room above us, we decided we would need to turn the weekend around.   So I cancelled the second night at the Mission Valley Slums and booked us a room at the Bahia Resort with a Bay view.

I picked up the girls from cheer and we headed to our new hotel and began a Tiki Style evening that definitely was an upgrade from your previous night.    When we checked in we received tickets to take a cruise in the bay on a Steamboat the Bahia Belle .  We figured we would just ride the boat and then grab dinner at the Café.   

We took the Steamboat to the Bahia’s sister hotel The Catamaran Resort  (a place I had always wanted to stay back when I lived in San Diego for school) and we found out that all we needed was a handstamp to get back on the boat.

 The Catamaran is a hotel that sits on Mission Bay and feels like a resort you would find in Hawaii. It has its own beach and Tiki Torches lining the pathways.

We decided that instead of eating back at the Café we would grab something at the cool restaurant called the Oceana that features a Moon Jellyfish tank in the restaurant.

We wandered around exploring the Tiki Style resort grounds and taking some pictures before a great dinner.

The Resort features Tropical pathways that feature parrots in the daytime and Tikis guiding the way.   Here is the waterfall and Koi pond in the Lobby area.

Here are the Jellyfish inside Oceana

They also have a cool bar called Moray's where you can grab a Mai Tai that has a great fish tank behind the bar.

Here are some of the Tikis along the pathways of the Catamaran Resort

The Catamaran is like a slice of Hawaii in San Diego.  

 Next time maybe I’ll skip the cheapo hotel deal and just stay here.

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