Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rum Tiki Social and Tiki Swapmeet Long Beach 2018

Ever year after Tiki Oasis -- the Tiki Community suffers from the Post Tiki Oasis Blues.     Luckily for us this year the Long Beach Tiki Social happened one week later at Roxanne's in Long Beach

So instead of suffering from the Post Tiki Oasis Blues we head over to extend the Tiki Fun.

There were a couple of cars

Rum tasting without the huge lines that hit the Sip and Stroll this year at Oasis.   We tried many excellent samples.

Tiki Shopping

And live bands.   

 The Hula Girls (one of our favorites were playing outside in the scorching heat).   

Check out the Pineappleman facebook page for a couple of videos of The Hula Girls and the Ding Dong Devils

And secret doors.   We didn't go VIP this year--but with the heat outside we probably should have.  Our friends did and said the additional Rum tastings in the cool air conditioned  Exhibition Room was the place to be.

Tiki Socials seem to be all the rage these days (Which is a great thing for Tiki Fans).  

Today   August 25th  2018
in Marine Del Rey there is Shipwrecked Tiki Social and Bizarre

Saturday Sept 8th is the Tiki Island Expo in Santa Ana with Live Bands Cocktails and Shopping

 And October 7th in Laguna Beach the Tikiland Trading Company moves to a new Location as well.  

 Keep tuned to The Pineappleman Facebook page as I post info on the all the Southern California Tiki Events.   (whether I'm going or not).

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Yacht Rock: Yachty By Nature at Sea Legs at the Beach

Yachty By Nature  is a Yacht Rock band in Southern California.
They call themselves the Captains of Smooth Yacht Rock. They are a fun and entertaining band playing soft rock from the 70's and 80's and one hell of a good time.   We finally got a chance to see them the other day at Sea Legs at the Beach in Bolsa Chica and hope to see them again soon.   

Sea Legs at the Beach is a cool beach venue.  It was like a fun beach party.

Captain Carl is the Captain of this collection of groovy dudes in nautical hats.  He plays the keyboards and captains this fun journey into music from the past.  (You know you are starting to get old when the music you grew up with is becoming retro.)  I would describe Captain Carl as being like a really great character that you would expect Will Ferrell to play.  I mean that as a great compliment.  He is an absolute blast and I found him both hilarious and talented.  Captain Carl is the man!

I absolutely feel in love with this band a couple songs into their first set.  

The Dr. is in.  Rocking the sax and lead vocals on some of the songs.  

Getting his groove on.

Big Wave Dave is having a blast on the drums

And then there is Scotty McYachty. (Best Yacht name ever).
Killing on the locals for a majority of the songs.

This cat even walks around with swagger like he belongs at the Yacht Club.

I  have posted several videos of this crew in action on my Pineappleman facebook page.  Follow it below

Check out their awesome promo video below.  The second I saw this You tube video I knew I had to see them in person.  

You know you want to get Yachty!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Pineappleman Tiki Adventure: The Ocean Palms Resort Carlsbad

Hop into the Pineappleman's Tiki Adventure Jeep for a trip down the coast and a Staycation at The Ocean Palms Beach Resort in Carlsbad.

The  Ocean Palms Beach Resort is great little resort that is steps away from the beach and one of our traditional mexican restaurant stops on the way to Tiki Oasis called El Norte.   We had stopped to take pictures of the Tikis outisde before and I had always wanted to stare there.  

So in the Fall of 2017 I decided to surprise my wife with a little weekend Adventure in Carlsbad that included a Wine Bar, The Barrel Republic for lunch and our favorite Mexcian Restaurant for dinner.  

 The Ocean Palms is cute little getway with a tropical feel. 
 Check out the tropical wall art in our room.   Plus it had the coolest shower ever that had three shower heads that covered your whole body from different angles that has ruined all regular showers forever.

Here are some of the Tikis from around the Resort.

On the Way home we stopped at the Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach,  but that is a Tiki Adventure for another blog