Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tiki Related Pinterest page of the month: by Reg Huber

Once I got an Pinterest....I've been looking for coll sites to follow.  Reg Huber has been a great source for some cool Tiki Related pictures.      I'm mainly using my Tiki Page to highlight pictures I've taken for my Pineappleman Tiki site  (where if you click on the picture it leads to this blog)    Reg goal with his Pinterest  is   " I am collecting anything Tiki, Retro and Geeky. I am also interested in almost anything from my favorite place, Hawai'i"   And I've been constantly enteretained by all the cool pictures he has posted..

A Great Collection of all things Tiki,  Disney Tiki, Shag and other Retro Pictures.

Check out his Pinterest here