Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tiki News: New Mug at Trader Sam's

Just another reason to head on out to Trader Sam's at Downtown Disney.  The Halloween season rings in with a new Zombie Mug at Trader Sam's by Tiki Farm...

And the Zombies are getting really exited over this news.  They are literally losing their brains over it
(Long Beach Zombies Walk 2011)

Here is a look at this new creature perfect for this time of year.

(Long Beach Zombie Walk 2011)

Or the next time you have zombies over for a drink.......

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jungle Movies: Mark of the Gorilla 1950 Jungle Jim

Mark of the Gorilla... 1950  6 out of 10
The Jungle Jim movie series.... Tarzan  (Johnny Weissmuller)  in a Jungle Cruise outfit.   In this Jungle Jim movie from 1950 he is up against bad guys that are searching of Nazi treasure. The villains are willing to dress up in gorilla costumes to like something out of every single Scooby Doo episode to scare off the game wardens --who like Jungle Jim are too stupid to know the difference between a gorilla and a bunch of guys in gorilla costumes.  It takes Jungle Dim (misspelled on purpose quick awhile to figure out this brain twister. Despite that this Jungle Adventure has all the typical trapping.   He wrestles a leopard.....He wrestles a lion and then a guy in a gorilla outfit.   He is attacked by a fake eagle on a string and jumps off a cliff to encounter a giant underwater sea snake.  There are many fist fights and gun battles ---stock footage of wild animals and  cheesy dialogue.
It is amazing that after dozens of Tarzan movies and 13 Jungle Jim features that the ability to act never quite was figured out by Weissmuller.

I couldn't find a trailer for the film so instead share this great parody from Monty Python

Sunday, October 14, 2012

International Tiki Marketplace at Don the Beachcombers

Need your Tiki fix.....Head on down to the next International Tiki Marketplace at Don the Beachcomber's.   This Sunday as part of my anniversary celebration that included Wine Tasting and a nice dinner in Newport Beach we started the day off with a little Tiki

To find more about it go here

Don the Beachcomber's in Sunset Beach is the go to place for local Tiki...There was a show later that night with The Hula Girls and Untouchables that we would have gone to as well if we didn't already have plans for the night.  The International Tiki Marketplace is a nearly monthly event that has Island style  entertainment---and Tiki Vending....Head on down for a minimal price which can then be redeemed for food or drink...(both of which are great) and enjoy a getaway to some Island entertainment.

Your sure to find something good for your Tiki Collection whether it be a mug or Tiki or artwork

Until my next Tiki themed adventure....

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To check out Don the Beachcombers page go here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tiki Picture of the Week: Pele

I've taken numerous pictures of the Tiki Room and posted them in blogs in the past ---but here is a recent picture of Pele I snapped while at Disneyland.   My Tiki Picture of the week

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Song of the Week: Jason Lee and the Riptides....doing Bond for Tiki Oasis

I didn't get to see this a Tiki Oasis ---you always feel like you missed out on something great every year....  We did get to see them rock a cool room party though.    Someone posted it on the Tiki Oasis Facebook--page so I thought I would share it here as well.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tiki Video of the Week: From TikiOasisTV

I'm Still in a Tiki Oasis kind of mood.....So before I move on to other things----here is a cool You tube video I saw from Tiki Oasis TV that captures  Tiki Oasis in 2 Minutes......Of course you can't really capture Tiki Oasis in 2 minutes.....It is the kind of event where you can spend the entire weekend there and feel like you missed out on 80% of what happened there...

Here is there Youtube channel for the 5 Tiki People that don't know about it already.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Signs that you are at Tiki Oasis

 Here are some signs that  even after several good rum drinks let you know that you are in fact at Tiki Oasis

If there is a Giant Tiki Head staring down at you....You may be a Tiki Oasis

 When everywhere you look there is Tiki Art.....You may be at Tiki Oasis

When there are guys in Wrestlers Masks performing by the Pool....Tiki Oasis may be the place you are at

What Gilligan does after finally getting of the Island?

Gilligan you just got off the  island --what are going to do next?

"I'm going to Tiki Oasis"

Friday, August 31, 2012

Song of the week: Invisible Surfers

Still wishing I was at Tiki Oasis ......So today after a long week of work I'm chilling and listening to some surf music......Here is your 
 Tiki Song of the week...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiki style Glassware: One of this years Tiki Oasis 2012 purchases

This year at Tiki Oasis 2012 one of our many purchases was this cool set of  Shag glasses.
Something to put our Mai Tais and Rum drinks in. 
They look great next to the Shag Tiki Drink Card set I  got in a previous year.

The other side of glass drink cabinet.....This fun set of Tommy Bahama glasses.

Jungle Movies: The Lost Tribe Jungle Jim

The Jungle Jim movie series....literally takes Tarzan  (Johnny Weissmuller)  out of his loin cloth and gives him a Jungle Cruise outfit,  but everything else about him is pretty much still Tarzan.   He has a dog as a pet instead of a chimp-but still talks to the animals Aquaman style.    Based on some comics that actually had him as a different kind of character based out of Asia--they just cast Tarzan and put him in Africa anyway.  I decided to do mini movie reviews for this on my Tiki Blog instead of my movies blog because these type of films can be seen as inspiration (sort out) for my Pineappleman series.   What started as a song written after a trip to Maui.... The Pineappleman  (which is my Tiki name)   later became an exercise in creative writing for fun on Myspace (in rough draft form)
Here is the linke to the writtings recreated in blog form 

(I love this old school movie posters they may lost great as pieces in my Dream Tiki Bar)

The Lost Tribe  1949  6 out of 10   in particular follows a plot seen many times over in old Jungle adventure movies like Tarzan..... The description on TCM was:  Jungle Jim fights beasts (a croc,  a lion and 2 sharks)  , flirts with a blonde (not really) and helps natives guard a treasure.   You see there is this lost city were the  peaceful people have a bunch of diamonds.   Of course the greedy white men want the diamonds so the movie is basically one capture scene and escape and recapture and fight random animal scene after another.   Jungle Jim talks and acts just like a well dressed Tarzan talking the same stunted English that Tarzan did....I wonder if anyone even bothered to tell him he was playing a different character.   The best part of the movie is when the guys in gorrila costumes come to the rescue to battle the greedy white people at the end.  I'll take a look at several more Jungle Jim flicks over the next week that I recorded off TCM......

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012: Things you see at Tiki Oasis

Things to See at Tiki Oasis we ate lunch near the waterfalls

Thee Swank Bastards were typically awesome in Spies Like Us Attire and a whole Spies Like Us flavored performance that included audio from the film

Worst Dressed couple at Tiki Oasis award goes to Benny Hill and his gal who danced through the entire set of the band the Exotics

Things you see at Tiki Oasis.....This guy in a spy outfit that looked like something out of a Will Ferrell movie in a 10 minute gun battle with a little green haired kid....They kept fake shooting each other and falling over as Benny Hill continued to struggle to stand in the background.

Here we are in the great spot we got for Day 2's entertainment.......Ready for the Lampshades and The Untouchables

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