Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tiki Time in Maui 2017

Here is just a little photo journey of some of the Tiki's we saw while in Maui this year.

Chilling with a tiki outside the Kaanapali Grille and Tap Room

We took the kids Zip-Lining over on the road to Hana side of the island---so I really was hoping to stop and just grab a drink before we took the kids to eat at Mama's Fish House.

No such needed to have reservations at 4pm just to get in and with the kids they wouldn't let us go in the bar area.....
Oh Well here is a Tiki from just outside in the driveway.

I knew there would be some Tiki's at Cheeseburger in Paradise and with the kids it made totally since to stop and eat there the night we visited Lahaina

Over at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel sits a small outside Tiki bar that is most notable for the Giant Tiki outside of the their little outside Tiki bar called the Tiki Grill

It  loomed large like something out of a King Kong Movie

                            Also in the Kaanapali area.

At The Hula Grill

Just Across from the Hula Grill there was some carving and Tikis for Sale

Tiki style in the shops of Maui from  ABC Stores to Hilo Hatties 

So long from  Kaanapali