Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking to have a Tiki Beach Wedding locally? Try Alfredo's in Long Beach

We recently went to a wedding down in Bayshore in Long Beach. My wife was there to take pictures for the wedding .   When she said it was at Alfredo's,   I had to come along  in order to snap a few pictures of the Tikis  for myself.  Here is a glimpse of the Tiki style buffet.

A glass of wine at Bayshore.

Here are some of the Tiki Decorations inside the bar area.

The  wedding itself turned out beautiful and it is truly a cool setting that you wouldn't expect in to be able to find locally.  We almost had our reception here back when we got married in Maui, but it was in early November and we were worried it would be too cold at that time of year.    Now having been to a function down here we wish we could have had it here.

To find out about booking a wedding or event here check out  Alfredo's webpage.   

Also check out Alfredo's Tiki Beach Festival in late August.....This year it is on a different weekend than Tiki Oasis..... So we will definitely be heading down to check out some Polynesian music.

and if you need a local photographer.    Check out my wife's photography facebook page where she has a couple pictures from the wedding we went too there.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tiki Tiki Tiki Realms (50th Anniversary Disney Art Gallery display)

I flew on down the freeway on Sunday to check out the 50 anniversary of the Tiki Room Art Display.
Wow 50 years of singing and celebrating.

Here are samples of some of what is currently on display in the old Bank of America building on Main Street


 More Tiki Room Art work

I was actually expecting the display to be bigger.  It only took up the first section of the art gallery area, where most of the recent displays have included both sections.   I actually miss when the art gallery used to be above Pirates of the Caribbean and had a lot more space.       

After checking out the artwork it felt appropriate to visit the attraction itself and relax indoors for a bit.

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