Friday, August 31, 2012

Song of the week: Invisible Surfers

Still wishing I was at Tiki Oasis ......So today after a long week of work I'm chilling and listening to some surf music......Here is your 
 Tiki Song of the week...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiki style Glassware: One of this years Tiki Oasis 2012 purchases

This year at Tiki Oasis 2012 one of our many purchases was this cool set of  Shag glasses.
Something to put our Mai Tais and Rum drinks in. 
They look great next to the Shag Tiki Drink Card set I  got in a previous year.

The other side of glass drink cabinet.....This fun set of Tommy Bahama glasses.

Jungle Movies: The Lost Tribe Jungle Jim

The Jungle Jim movie series....literally takes Tarzan  (Johnny Weissmuller)  out of his loin cloth and gives him a Jungle Cruise outfit,  but everything else about him is pretty much still Tarzan.   He has a dog as a pet instead of a chimp-but still talks to the animals Aquaman style.    Based on some comics that actually had him as a different kind of character based out of Asia--they just cast Tarzan and put him in Africa anyway.  I decided to do mini movie reviews for this on my Tiki Blog instead of my movies blog because these type of films can be seen as inspiration (sort out) for my Pineappleman series.   What started as a song written after a trip to Maui.... The Pineappleman  (which is my Tiki name)   later became an exercise in creative writing for fun on Myspace (in rough draft form)
Here is the linke to the writtings recreated in blog form 

(I love this old school movie posters they may lost great as pieces in my Dream Tiki Bar)

The Lost Tribe  1949  6 out of 10   in particular follows a plot seen many times over in old Jungle adventure movies like Tarzan..... The description on TCM was:  Jungle Jim fights beasts (a croc,  a lion and 2 sharks)  , flirts with a blonde (not really) and helps natives guard a treasure.   You see there is this lost city were the  peaceful people have a bunch of diamonds.   Of course the greedy white men want the diamonds so the movie is basically one capture scene and escape and recapture and fight random animal scene after another.   Jungle Jim talks and acts just like a well dressed Tarzan talking the same stunted English that Tarzan did....I wonder if anyone even bothered to tell him he was playing a different character.   The best part of the movie is when the guys in gorrila costumes come to the rescue to battle the greedy white people at the end.  I'll take a look at several more Jungle Jim flicks over the next week that I recorded off TCM......

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012: Things you see at Tiki Oasis

Things to See at Tiki Oasis we ate lunch near the waterfalls

Thee Swank Bastards were typically awesome in Spies Like Us Attire and a whole Spies Like Us flavored performance that included audio from the film

Worst Dressed couple at Tiki Oasis award goes to Benny Hill and his gal who danced through the entire set of the band the Exotics

Things you see at Tiki Oasis.....This guy in a spy outfit that looked like something out of a Will Ferrell movie in a 10 minute gun battle with a little green haired kid....They kept fake shooting each other and falling over as Benny Hill continued to struggle to stand in the background.

Here we are in the great spot we got for Day 2's entertainment.......Ready for the Lampshades and The Untouchables

The Pineappleman on Facebook

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tiki Oasis Part 3: A Spy is always prepared!

A Spy is always prepared ....

Spies were everywhere this year at Tiki Oasis.
Here on display were some of the Spy Gadgets and gear that were 
captured from the spies. 

"Missed it by that much"

Here is the infamous spy phone from Get Smart

Maxwell Smart master spy getting ready to drive off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012 : Part 2 : Beware of the animatronic Monkey Head

Mission Report:    Once you talk to the singing bush and defeat the invisible Swordsman.....Your mission is to learn the secrets of the Monkey Head.   Touch his ears and he will reveal your secret mission.....  "Shop until you drop"

Our mission lead us on into the vendors area to check out some of the Tiki related stuff that was offered this year.....I pictured up the latest Tiki Magazine and we wandered the grounds .

Tikis at a Tiki Festival  " They must have escaped from the zoo"

I really wanted this double Fisted Torch holding Tiki , but we had already spent too much money on Shag Glasses and T-Shirts and Hawaiian dresses and the cool Tiki Oasis Poster that will soon hang in our hallway.   Maybe Next Year..

The New Giant Tiki Bar ---where spies can keep an eye on everyone

For those that take their pool time seriously.

One thing I would change about Tiki Oasis is I would move the Carving area up front and center and highlight the Tiki Carving as opposed to having it at the back of the Vending area

Shall we Shag now or Shag Later?  That is always the question at Tiki Oasis

Here is some cool Vintage style Wall Art

The Steady Clothing booth had some cool retro wear

Too much shopping screams the Tiki......Up next some of the music in Part 3

Link of the Week: Pinup girls of Tiki Oasis 2012

Here is a link my wife posted of a few of the Pin-up girls of Tiki Oasis.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012 Part 1: 00Brad (AKA The Pineappleman)

This year at Tiki Oasis we were given a mission.  A mission for fun that had a spy theme.   Upon checking in we received our orders......Those orders were to shop,  Relax with a nice Mai Tai or other Rum related drink in our Tiki mugs and enjoy a fun weekend of really good music and entertainment.

The location of this mission:  Tiki Oasis 2012 in San Diego California.

The Signs were pointing to adventure everywhere we turned.

00Brad---willing to face the peril no mater how much and how scantily clad the peril may be

A Diabloical agent of Sober looking for secrets

Another Secret Agent holding a bomb in order to get what she wants.

Looking out for danger in tropical locales leaving no waterfall unchecked.

Like a Magnum PI Spy Tiki Oasis ?   Passport to Fun!

The Rum Gun a great way to cool down

Up next in part 2   Shopping Tiki at the Oasis