Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012 : Part 2 : Beware of the animatronic Monkey Head

Mission Report:    Once you talk to the singing bush and defeat the invisible Swordsman.....Your mission is to learn the secrets of the Monkey Head.   Touch his ears and he will reveal your secret mission.....  "Shop until you drop"

Our mission lead us on into the vendors area to check out some of the Tiki related stuff that was offered this year.....I pictured up the latest Tiki Magazine and we wandered the grounds .

Tikis at a Tiki Festival  " They must have escaped from the zoo"

I really wanted this double Fisted Torch holding Tiki , but we had already spent too much money on Shag Glasses and T-Shirts and Hawaiian dresses and the cool Tiki Oasis Poster that will soon hang in our hallway.   Maybe Next Year..

The New Giant Tiki Bar ---where spies can keep an eye on everyone

For those that take their pool time seriously.

One thing I would change about Tiki Oasis is I would move the Carving area up front and center and highlight the Tiki Carving as opposed to having it at the back of the Vending area

Shall we Shag now or Shag Later?  That is always the question at Tiki Oasis

Here is some cool Vintage style Wall Art

The Steady Clothing booth had some cool retro wear

Too much shopping screams the Tiki......Up next some of the music in Part 3

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