Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tiki song of the week: Piranhaconda by the Cheetah Whores

I liked this song while watching Piranhaconda on Syfy Channel.
Thought I'd make it my Tiki song of the week 

The review of this silly Syfy movie is over on my movie page.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tiki Time on Memorial Day weekend!

We started off the weekend with a little trip to Don the Beachcomber's  to hang out in the Dagger Bar and see the Hula Girls while snacking on sliders and Brie  Quesadillas.

It looks like we have entered Mermaid Waters.

We stayed and listened to 3 great sets from the Hula Girls which will be playing on the main stage at Tiki Oasis again this year.

Had a Mai Tai and  a drink that was basically a Mai Tai in a Pineapple....Appropriate for the Pineappleman

Saturday brought us to Laguna Beach for a couple of photo shoots my wife had scheduled with friends and a nice lunch at Las Brisas and then another Tiki Themed dinner at Tommy Bahama's restaurant which had the best  goat cheese filled chicken ever.

Here is a look at the Creme Brulee from Las Brisas

Then Sunday brought us to meet friends at Downtown Disney. So we headed to Trader Sam's for a couple of drinks and chicken lettuce wraps and some flatbread.

The day before was apparently the 2nd Anniversary for Trader Sam's which meant a new Mug.....which I had to get of course......

Thus ended a very Tiki Memorial Day