Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick and Easy way to make a Tiki Lamp

A quick and easy way to create your own Tiki Lamp at home.
A couple of months ago some friends of ours were moving and getting rid of some of their stuff.  They had a couple of really cool jar lamps that you can put stuff inside.  At the time it was a Christmas party so the lamps at the time were filled with colored Christmas ornaments.  These lamps are a great idea because you can change out  what is inside  of them for the seasons.  You could have Christmas lamps or  Easter  lamps....or in our case  lamps that go with the beach theme of our house.   After we filled the one lamp for our beach themed living room with Shells I suggested we could make a Tiki Lamp for my side of the bedroom.  So we took a Tiki from the hallway and just added a few shells around him and  a Tiki lamp was done.

I cleaned up my side of the Bedroom which is  now very Tiki themed....with Trader Sam mug....Mermaid Glass from Treasure Island....Love Tiki and new home made Tiki Lamp

Here is the lamp with the shells in our beach themed living room.
These lamps or similar lamps  can be found at places like Target,  TJ Max, or Home Goods for around $40-50  dollars.......and you can put in or create any kind of lamp you can dream of.