Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Pineappleman and the Search for The Golden Tiki

When I first heard about The Golden Tiki in the article below it the description sounded like it was made specifically for me. 

It is a mixture of a classic Tiki bar with Disney style inspirations.
I've always considered Las Vegas to be an adult Disneyland and this bar quickly went to the top of my Tiki Bucket List.  I knew once this bar opened that it would be the one thing I had to do the next time I went to Las Vegas.
Let’s face it this place had me at Pineapple Dole Whips.

So once we arrived in Vegas...."We were on a quest for fun"
With Pineapple Express card from Tiki Oasis in hand we headed to Chinatown.

Located not too far from the Strip in the middle of Las Vegas’s Chinatown sits The Golden Tiki

I knew I was going to love it the second we walked up....
The outside has cool display of some Tiki Style shields 
(Love the one with the Shrunken Head)

Here is the entrance:

In the same way that Trader Sam’s has a backstory at the Disneyland hotel ---The Golden Tiki has a great backstory that adds to the environment that lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip that is filled with Dirty Minions and Fat Bloated Elvis in a Wheelchair. The Golden Tiki is an Oasis.

You can read the cool backstory there on their website.  

The sign at the entrance points you in the direction to some of the areas of the bar as described in the legend.

"Throw me the Idol ,  I'll throw you the whip"
A Pineapple Whip that is.

We arrived early in the evening around 6:30ish  and after a quick trip wandering around to check everything out –we settled in to a stylish booth area.  

We Started off our adventure with a Dole Whip….. and then surveyed the cool menu featuring this  art work on the cover and the inventive backstory of the bar on the back.

We ordered a couple of drinks. Sticking with the Dole Whip theme I started off with a Banana Batida.

Here is that Pineapple Whip and the inside of the awesome menu.

The Pineapple Whip was delicious !!!

After my first drink I was convinced already that if I lived in Vegas---this would be my Cheers.  I absolutely loved the look and style of The Golden Tiki.   It felt like something I would do if I had the money to make a bar.   Brandon Powers you are a F....ing Genius and it was great to meet you in person.   A big shout out to Billy Crud and Tiki Diablo for helping to create Brandon's vision with their artwork that filled the place.  

Here is a look at the Bar   (Before it got busy)

I absolutely love the back of the chairs

  There was  Jungle Cruise map on the table.   

Another Disney Style Influence

Some tributes to Ray Harryhausen.

Here is what I call the Parade of Monkeys……A way to keep track of how many Tiki drinks one has had.

Time for a little Honey-Mango Java Punch

We were lucky that the night we went the bank Tikiyaki 5-0 was playing , which is a smaller version of Tikiyaki Orchestra.

  So the Tiki mood was is in full effect.     Once the place started to get crowded we shared our booth with some  other Tiki folks Mike and Missy and we shared stories about Tiki Oasis and other Tiki stuff.   I talked about getting my Pineapple Express card from Billy Crud at a Tiki Oasis room party this year.  



Some Tikis in a Tiki Bar??   ---"They must have escaped from the zoo"

In the backroom lies William Tobias Faulkner--or at least what remains of him.

You have to love this wanted poster from The Goonies.....
A possibly inspiration for Captain Faulkner


The Golden Tiki is a gem.......A must see for Tiki fans when in Vegas.

 Here is the Home page for the Golden Tiki

And here is their Facebook Page

My Tiki Facebook Page can be found here

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Curse of the Tiki 2: Strange Hallucinations

I was just sitting at home last night drinking some Rum when the strangest thing happened.   My Television turned on and there was a strange old broadcast with some Skeletons playing music.

A Mad Scientist appeared on the flickering screen and I saw bunch of random images.  It looked like some old Retro TV Program.  He mumbled something about "Beware the of the Curse of the Tiki"

The Images on the Screen started to become deformed and the lights in my room began to flicker

The room began to swim around me.

I passed out and awoke again in this strange room filled with people and the images I had seen on the old television broadcast were right before my eyes.

Like some strange dream the things I saw I just could not believe.

A Fire Dancer was on the stage....Playing with Fire like it was something alive.

Then like something out of a nightmare.....I felt like I was witnessing Sardu's Torture Show from Blood Sucking Freaks.

The Human Pin Cushion act was just too much to take.   But luckily there were Tiki drinks available at this bizarre place.

Unforunately these drinks did nothing to help my delusions.
One of my favorite bands appeared before me --but they had been turned into Monkey Men.  Was this the work of some Cursed Tiki that was causing this madness?   

I recognized one of the Hula Girls Dancing girls, but even she seemed to have succumbed to the madness as her eyes glowed red.

I prayed to the Tiki Gods to let this crazy world be just a dream.   I didn't want The Hula Girls to be Monkey Men...what if they turned into Monkey Men permanently and started telling bad monkey jokes or something.   This couldn't happen to one of my favorite bands.  

The Tiki Gods must have listened as a Ghostly Dancer took the stage and The Hula Girls were suddenly Men again.

The room I was in began to flicker again as see danced....Was it just the rum or was something happening again.

The Room Froze in front of me and began to change colors

The stage exploded into a thousands streams of light.

I awoke in the darkness...Safe in my home...Was this just a dream?????

.I turned on the light and beside my bed was a vintage postcard .
I turned the card over and all it said was "Wish you were here"
It was written in my own handwriting 

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