Saturday, February 28, 2015

What would be the perfect band for this years Space Themed Tiki Oasis 2015 : The Answer The B'52's

I know that is is still about 6 Months away ..... But my mind is already at Tiki Oasis 2015.

The theme this year is Yesterday's Future Today.     Retro Sci-Fi.

So many great ideas spring to mind.   So many good Sci-fi surf tunes out there and the fashions wow.

It got me thinking about what would be the absolute best band for Tiki Oasis  2015---although they probably wouldn't be able to get them for it.    Who would be the ultimate headliner for this theme????

Just as the Untouchables ended up being the best possible choice for the Spy Theme...... I can think of no band I would rather see than The B-52's......

Retro cool and a little on the weird side..... The B52's are a great live band that has many sci-fi inspired songs and a cool sound and look.

Planet Claire would slay at a Retro Future  Tiki Oasis.
Odd and yet fantastic.

Take a listen to some more great  Sci-fi Inspired B-52's

53 Miles West of Venus

With other great Songs like "Private Idaho"    "Love Shack"  and of course "Rock Lobster".

I would kill to see  Lava  "Burning like a Krakatoa"  while drinking some Kraken rum.

Or make Love under a Strobe Light.

Anyway.  I know that it would definitely be a long shot since the B-52's still perform at places like the House of Blues, but wouldn't it really kick the Party out of Bounds is we could Dance this Mess Around to the B-52's at Tiki Oasis.