Friday, September 18, 2015

Tiki song of the week: Les Baxter --Simba

For the Tiki Song of the Week:   I'm going jungle this week with a selection I heard on Exotic Tiki Island Podcast

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Darb's Tiki Oasis Adventure: A Day at the Car Show

Just when we were wondering if Darb's Tiki Oasis Adventure had ended after a night of wild partying Saturday night he turned up again on Sunday and spent the day hanging out at the Car Show.

I asked on the Tiki Oasis Facebook page if anyone else had seen Darb and David Davis ( the manage of the Car Show) told us that he had found him hanging out on the 6th floor and was nice enough to take him to the Tiki Car Show where his adventure continued. 

 Thanks David for keeping the fun going.

Darb hanging out with Tiki Head guy

Darb was showing off the Tiki cars and hot rods doing his 

best Cal Worthington and his dog spot impression.

Here he is in Belinda Gaffigan's Meyers Manx

 Mike Collins '54 Cadillac that won "Judges Choice"

Darb approves.

He even meet with some of the car owners

Chris Geerdes and his '55 Ford


In front Fabian Valdez's '50 Chevy that won "People's

 Choice" award

In front of Steve Hurley's Decopod that won "Best in Show"

With George and his '53 GMC

Darb was hanging out in photo trailer. Such a great idea for Tiki Oasis.

Darb was a hit with all the Ladies on Sunday

Darb loves Unique Vintage!

Darb waiting in line for the food trucks....Apparently he wasn't that hungry

Darb hanging out with new friends


He even found time to hang with some Tiki legends Tiki 


Kelly Camille Patterson from Velveteen Lounge

Artist  Big Toe

With Al Zequeira  (Tiki Al)

 Robbie Toth from Australia.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Pineappleman’s 8th Tiki Oasis Adventure Part 3 Things are about to get weird (What the Real Darb did)

The UFO's have landed and brought with them strange visitors to Tiki Oasis 2015

The Aliens have come to relax and are in their vacation wear

Beam them down Scotty --the party has begun

The Aliens were demanding
"Take me to Room Crawls -we want to see some great bands"

The Phenomenauts arrived on stage

The Robots had an announcement to make.
"We have come to drink your rum and party with your women"

Miss Universe contest Literally

The Aliens have arrived and they like GO-GO Dancing

Tiki Oasis is so fun that even Darth Vader gets leid
Jango Fett Vacation wear

Posing with Space Women

The Phantom Surfers trying out a new look

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