Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Pineappleman’s 8th Tiki Oasis Adventure Part 2 Day Time Fun (What the Real Darb did)

Here is some more of the Real Darb (AKA The Pineappleman) 
Tiki Oasis Adventures for 2015.  
In Part 2 some day time fun.    

 At Tiki Oasis Some people like to wait in lines for things in matching outfits.

Daytime fun includes music by the Pool

Some people like Shrunken Heads

Some like their heads much Bigger

  Cool Cars  --but more on that in Darb's continuing Tales

A lot of Photos are taken


Watching the crowds grow as the night nears 

The Balconies start filling up

The crowd has made their way from the day time fun

The Entertainment has begun

A 15 dollar bet is a 15 dollar bet

Up next the night arrives and so do the Aliens

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