Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tiki Run Part 1--Getting in shape for Oasis (or the Tiki's of The Penisula and Belmont Shore)

Last year I called my swimming challenge  "Getting the Tiki Oasis Body" . 

 My attempt at shedding some extra pounds by swimming them away in the pool...   It was very well as Producing a good summer tan from the miles and miles of swimming.........Since then I've shed many extra pounds --by pounding the pavement during the winter months that were too cold to swim unless you are a Penguin....    Now that Summer has begun I've hit the pool again on top of my running......I thought it would be fun to gather info for a couple of blogs at once......My  Death of He Fat blog (that details my weight loss)  and my Pineappleman Tiki blog........So this week I went on a Tiki Run....With camera in hand I left the Chowen Beach resort   (folks place)  and headed for a good 7 mile run  (with camera in hand )  down the beach to the end of the Peninsula and winding my way through some of Belmont Shore.....The goal:   Burn some calories  and document some Tiki's/ and Beach style living of the area

The Run begins heading down the hill from The Chowen Beach resort past the mighty 60 foot palm 

A Reminder to hit the pool after my run   --did 1.5 miles in the pool

Cool Palms on a gateway on the way to the beach

Alfredo's at Granada  Home of  Tiki Beach Festival,  Summer Movies on the Beach and more

The Peninsula......Where I used to spend my summers on the beach for Jr Lifeguards back in the day

A Cool  Tiki bench  on some stairway on the Peninsula

Some Tiki Torches and Palm  --Someone's little piece of Tiki

The End of the Peninsula  ---Hello  Seal Beach hiding behind those Palms

An Interesting Gateway to someones  Bayshore home

Another Home rocking the Beach Style living

Coming up in Part 2   ---The Bayshore Alfredo's Tiki  ---Horny Corner Tikis and part of the Beachside  of Belmont Shore......

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