Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tiki Run Part 2--Getting in shape for Oasis (or the Tiki's of The Penisula and Belmont Shore)

My run continued down the Bay Shore side of the Peninsula  past more homes.      Henry has the right idea.

Sea Turtles ---Hawaiian Style

A Sea Serpent   "We must have been submerged too long"

I wish this was my house!

I just liked this boat art --brought back beach memories

 Alfredo's  Bay Shore

Bay Shore Tiki

Bay Shore Tiki

The Run Continues

Passing by what they call Horny Corner..... More Front Porch Tikis

I decide to run up and down half the streets on the beach side of Bayshore...A took some more Tiki/Beach Pictures

Ocean Blvd

And the 7 miles ends of course with the hill

I will do another Belmont Shore run covering the other streets I haven't yet hit later this week....Hope you enjoyed this little multi tasking journey.......Getting into Tiki Oasis Shape and documenting the local Tiki/Beach style

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