Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recipes from the Tiki Room and does the Tiki Bar really open on May 25th???

After seeing that they had some cool recipe cards at the Tiki Room on Miceage.com  I decided to stop at the park on the way back from a seminar in Irvine....
I first stopped by the hotel since the new Tiki bar----I could see past the blue construction walls that the Tiki Torches were lit....But unless they tear all the walls down tomorrow I saw no signs that the new Tiki Bar and restaurant would open tomorrow.........

I then stopped and bought my Tickets for tomorrow night for Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides at the Downtown Disney AMC

Then it was off to the Tiki room for a Dole Tiki card with  Smoothie recipe

Snapped a few quick shots of the Tiki Room  (I will post my Great Tiki Visits the Tiki Room Blog next week from a visit I made years ago that kick started my growing love of Tiki

Here is the recipe on the back of the card

Angry Pineapple God...A Tribute to the Pineappleman????

Maynard Sighting....

So on the back of the card it gave the Dole Tiki   website  which I checked out once I got home
More recipes and fun

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