Sunday, May 29, 2011

Huntington Surf styles really nail it (Winter Time)

Sunday  I visited Kim at work in the morning like i tend to do on Sundays....Then while  walking my parents dog around their neighborhood on a warm and beautiful  day  --just felt really good about life in Southern California  ....I mean  Southern Californian Rocks....Where else can you have a day like this in So Cal.....I asked END if he was up to a D-land trip----but instead we hit the beach area... Huntington Beach...
I wanted to check out this new restaurant the Aloha Grill and Tiki Bar-----NOT SO MUCH a tiki Bar ---but Hawaiian themed ---UMM  Pineapples.... and Daiquiris......
Tiki Time

Love hanging out on Main Street in the HB and people watching... Walking down to the beach in the middle of winter on a 80 degree day ---you wouldn't know it wasn't July........Well maybe This guy doesn't know it is July???

Street Performers  it is like a car crash you have to look


Tiki Car drove by   -I had to get a picture

I couldn't resist this pic with END in it

We were about to leave the beach area then heard tribal drums

And found more Tikis

Oh the harsh  Southern Californian Winters


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