Sunday, June 26, 2011

Running Tiki: Sunset Beach PCH Beachside (Running with Bees)

Running Tiki:   Hit PCH for a little  Seal Beach to Bolsa run along the ocean side of Search of Tiki and other Beach style.....The  6 mile round trip  run started at the Taco Bell in Seal Beach --running over the bridge past all the Navy stuff and desert like dirt trail.   I headed in Surfside Sunset area on the beach side..   I knew there were some Tikis in front of Taco Surf  but --what I didn't know about was the Gauntlet of Bees that I would have to run through to get there.....I felt like I was in one of my own Pineappleman Adventures....  Facing the angry hoard of bees to reach the treasure  --(that was Tiki).

So After running with arms raised to protect my face... zig zagging to avoid the hundred or more angry bees  (which I'm sure must have looked interesting to the people driving by---like some crazy person swinging their arms in the air on the side of the road)   I found Tiki........Taco Surf in Sunset --right across from Tiki Gold which is Don's (the other side of PCH)

Here is some window Beach art  along PCH

Harbor House Cafe Art.....This place rocks for breakfast...It has been awhile since I've been there but the Ham and Cheese  Omelet  is so good---must have 8 eggs in it because I always get 3 meals out of it

 A Sunset beach event in July

Iconic Towe in Sunset Beach

This place is really interesting if you ever get a chance to go inside.....A lot of coll Nautical stuff....Pricey though I think the guy runs it more like a museum they way things are priced

He has a little Captain in him


Harpoon Harry's 

Love the look of this old Tattoo Place

I love it when people leave these encouraging messages for me on my runs

More Tattoos!     American Style

I've never actually seen this place open???

Mermaid Waters   Beware!

Coming soon to Running Tiki----I plan a soft sand beach run on Sunset Beach to take a look at some cool beach  houses and search for more Tiki  and maybe a PCH  Sunset beach run on the Don's side

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