Friday, June 10, 2011

Embrace the Beach Seal Beach Surf Band style with the Eliminators (Aug 2008)

The Summer of my Embrace the Beach   attitude continues....Still swimming  at least 4-5 times a week and occasionally running on the soft sand in  the LB....  The Embrace the Beach philosophy has included    Bodysurfing  and hanging out   in  Huntington Beach  and  Pacific Beach in San Diego......Pirates on the Pier in Long Beach....Surf Bands at the Tower  Bar in San Diego  and my First ever Tiki Oasis......  Coming up is my annual trip to San Clemente  and the end of the  Backyard  Beach Party in  September that everyone has to Chum to..  (Yes Chum)      My Embrace the Beach philosophy has lead to a great tan (from the swimming)  and a new found love of instrumental Surf Music........Dick Dale and the Ventures......Also reconnected with the B-52's  (updating to Cd)   So  Wednesday night   I headed down to Seal  Beach  after work   Han Solo Style --(and by that i don't  mean I shoot Greedo  first or was it the other way around  there are so many versions)   i mean alone --and I had a blast.   I caught the Eliminators  Surf Band  that played all the stuff   I'm currently digging on man....and they were great
By the time i arrived  just before they went on the Park was full of people.....  This being the last of the free summer concert series at Seal Beach.....(and no i didn't see the Mustache Man there)  he must only go to free Long Beach events....
Tiki Carving by some shirtless dude
This picture is for Amanda  (Southern California Rocks  --check out the Palms)
There were some Parotheads there  
The Eliminators    (sounds like an  Arnold  movie)
"Tequila"   Had to restrain  myself from doing the Pee Wee Herman dance
Miss Teen  Seal  Beach getting her beach dance on
They took a short break so i walked the  Pier and took a few pictures....We used to ride our bikes to Seal to Bodysurf  until we got cars and then it was HB or bust..
The Black and Whites
I call the first one    "Almost off duty"
This one  I call  "Lady  and her dog"     What did you expect me to call ......"A  night at the carwash"
This one I call   "Space Monkey Conference"
This one  "Gorgon don't crush me"

This one is for Ellie    "GO AMERICA"
The Band rocked it until the Sun  went down and the people they danced...Including  some guy that looked like Turtle from the Movie  "The North Shore"

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