Thursday, June 9, 2011

Listening to Tiki (Inheriting music and where to find it)

My inherit a taste for music from our friends and family.......I know I got my love of my favorite band  The Eagles from my parents....They had the  Greatest hits on  8 Track----Audio Cassette and Record.....
I know I got my love of Devo and Oingo Boingo from my friend Eric Dunn
And Credence  definitely was from Ron Matteson.......
Well the same goes for Surf although it didn't hit me right away......My Parents listened to a lot of Beach Boys  (Which I'm not the biggest fan of)  and Jan and Dean.......We used to listen to surf tapes in the car on long trips  (In between my dad's bad Country records which I didn't pick up)

What I fell in love with was the instrumental surf stuff......Here is my Dad's Record collection  (Must of his stuff is on audio cassette)  but here are the records.........And after that I'll tell you where I go now to find the Tiki/Surf/Retro  that I like

Live 365 is my go to place for Tiki/Surf  music and more.....You can pay to have it commercial free --but I just do it with the commercials....

The main stations I've been listening to are
Devlar Surf Sessions
and Summer Tiki 2011.......

Retro Lounge was a go to station for me for quite awhile but that is now VIP

Just type in Tiki  or Surf in the search bar for all the available  channels.....There are a lot of them out there

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