Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming June 4th 2011 at Alfredo's (Granada Beach) in Long Beach "FIRE"

I'm running a 5K in Corona Del Mar in the morning -but I'm planning on dragging the family down Saturday evening for some Fire Dancing....
The same group that puts on the Long Beach Tiki Festival  every year (Stupidly on the same weekend as Tiki Oasis 2 years in a row)  is having a litte event down on the beach on June 4th and 5th----
So get ready for some Island music....

Go to this page for info....I haven't seen info about what time it is at but I assume the Fire portion of the evening on Saturday will be when it gets dark.

Maybe they will wise up and do their Tiki Beach Festival  scheduled again this year for August 19th and 20th on a different day next year......(Luckily living in Long Beach we usually pop by on the way home from Oasis to look at the stuff.

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