Friday, June 24, 2011

Pre Beach Party Bash -2nd to Last stop on the Embrace the Beach Summer Tour:2008

Here is a list of things not at the party:
1.  Trained  Go-Go Gorillas in cages  --- I really wanted this ---But I  was told that the gorilla training was not going quite as quickly as hoped for…..When I asked  "Well what does that mean?"   The Gorilla Trainers  replied that  "Well  the Gorillas don't  Go-Go dance at all and merely sit angrily in the Go-Go  cages  howling expletives  and throwing dung at their trainers  (maybe they don't like the music…….oh well)

2. The Sacrificial Volcano ---This was just too expensive  to build –I was told Bill Gates has a custom one in his background that is really really nice----When I called the company to order one—they asked what I did for a living  --I answered  "An Accountant"  -I heard laughing on the other end of the phone….They told me I wouldn't even be able to afford the down payment on the molten lava..   Plus when I called to order the sacrificial virgins they weren't to pleased with what I needed them for.
3.  Inferno  ---Man that lights himself on Fire ----Unfortunately he still hasn't heeled from his last gig
4.  Indy  --that dog is crazy and thinks he is too cool to be at the party
Here is what will be at the Party:
5000 Lbs of sand
6 Tiki Torchs
Hamburgers –Hot Dogs.. and other treats…
A Keg O Beer and tropical  drinks
This guy
That guy
The jacuzzi
Roasting Smores by the Firepit
Hammerhead  and Shark  Attack 2  on the big screen TV
Wild Vic
Toothy the Carnivorous  Land Shark

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