Monday, August 8, 2011

Tikis invade the OC Fair 2011 (Shopping Tiki PART 2)

Expensive Cabanas and Neon Signage galore.
Running around the fair for a few minutes before another concert....Between the Sham Wows and Super ladders and all the other fair crap.....I snapped a few pictures of some Beach (tiki) Related items.

Although I like Neon I'm arguing with the wife that I don't think it goes with the nice beachy blue and white clean style we have right now.

Tiki seating  (if you want Tikis to bite your legs while having a rum drink)

Typical Pineapple on the head Tiki

Hawaiian Bowls  that way---->

Ahhh a Tropical beach in the middle of all the Fried things on a stick.

The Tiki store had tons of Tikis and Pirate statues....(Because everyone needs to Pirate statue in their home)..... The store owner seemed a little moody when talking about Tiki and was more concerned about what his competitor  was stocking over at the Tiki Cabana booth.   I liked the stain on some of the larger Tikis --I think I need to do that to the Tikis in my backyard at some point.  Also showed us some examples of Tikis carved directly into trees from his photobook.

Over at the Neon Sign Store

Pirates were hiding in the trees waiting for an attack

More Stuff

We asked him if he was going to Oasis ---and he didn't seem to think to much of it and said it would cost him too much money and wasn't worth it to go down business wise.    

Here is the link to his site --in case you are interested and aren't heading to the OC Fair this year

Samples of what they have

Tikis Gone Wild  "Show us your Tiki"

She is showing us her Tikis

I like the shark bite on the paddle .....Since it was just Shark week over on my movie page  -

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