Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiki Oasis 2011 Whipped Cream, Herb Albert and Mexican Wrestlers Part 5

We were still in Pre-Show crawl mode when the nights entertainment was beginning....The Mustache contestants were gathering below.

Everywhere you look  someone is doing a photo shoot

Scott needed a Tiki Necklace to replace the 1980's Adventureland Tiki he no longer has....He picked up this cool one at the indoor vending

The party from the other balcony that crashed ours

"Don't look into the eyes of MARA"

The crowd below had assembled....We would make our way down in awhile---after some appetisers and rum cakes

Yeah --we finally made it downstairs....It takes awhile to get down there the larger the group you have

We can't miss the Burlesque.... (Even if my camera tried....Sorry for the bad quality pics --my camera apparently didn't like the lighting from the side of the stage.)

"The birds sing words and the flowers bloom...."

Where is that Gorilla from last year


The worm

Always entertaining

We had a blast ----especially when the Herb Albert Tribute began....Both nights on the main stage ended with great performances

Otto , Baby Doe and the Emcees.

"Is that a dog in your pocket ---or......"...You get the picture

Herb  was putting on a great performance 

And the people were dancing in front of the stage

I was getting my groove on.

Until Next Year----Which from the Theme sounds like it will be even better.

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