Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping Tiki & Beyond :Retro shopping for Oasis on 4th Street in Long Beach

 Apparently my Hawaiian Shirts aren't wild enough for Oasis ---so we headed down to the Art District in Long Beach to look for some wilder Retro Hawaiian shirts.........and stop at a little Tiki Shop where I got a few mugs a few years back before the beach party.

Chatted with the lady in the store about Oasis  which she will be going to and my wife picked out a mug of her own for Crawling.

Cool Mugs turned into  Jewelry holders

Elvis and Don Ho  mugs

They still have the mug that I bought years ago ..The Terminator style mug

Meow!  had the most interesting retro collection ...This Wild Shirt ---one that looked like  Smokey and the Bandit and some wild  pantsuits for the ladies

Meow!  had the best selection of wild Hawaiian shirts.

Hats for the ladies.

The store had a really cool layout....Shirts are laid out by color and era in sections...

The I Love Lucy look

Cool ET Phone sign
 Okay not Retro  I just  Like  Yeti stuff

More Vintage stores

I introduced my wife to Oasis and now she wants to go to Vegas for this

I love the fridge doors as dressing rooms
Bowling shoes!

 Definitely an area to check out if you are looking for something Retro.  There are at least  6  or  7 stores to explore and a couple of thrift stores to boot.

Kim's new wild mug

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