Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiki Oasis 2011 Whipped Cream, Herb Albert and Mexican Wrestlers Part 2

Let's  dive right in to Part 2   

A Wrestling Match seems to have broken out on stage
In this corner the jamming tunes of the Los StraightJackets

In this corner the tag team of   Violetta Beretta and Crazy AL

The Triple Headed   Slam move

The Shake your Booty  Twist

They have brought in Reinforcements  -Who is that Masked  Fighter!

Time to Tag in Al

Quickly before they do the triple guitar smash

Al to the Rescue

More Reinforcements have arrived  ---it looks  like they are really outnumbered.

Everywhere you look....Masked men and women.....join in the fight.

I think it is almost over for Al and Violetta

Is that the I give up signal?

A Celebration takes over the stage on the stage.....

Coming up in Part 3  more Tiki Oasis and a little Whipped  Cream action..

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