Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pineappleman's Hawaiian Shirt Collection

I give you my Current Hawaiian Shirt Collection.

Rocking my Fat Magnum PI look for a Halloween costume a couple years back before I got back into shape.

I've always had quite a few Hawaiian shirts.....but my wife likes to shop and goes a little overboard.....I like most of the shirts...A few are out of my comfort zone.....

Tiki Hawaiian shirt on the right

I actually love these 2  especially the blue.....My wife is currently trying to get my into some wilder  Tiki fashions  --like what I used to wear back in my WASH  Pineappleman days....So far I'm not on board with that.

The one on the left in this picture is about as wild as I will go

I love this red one and the blue Pineapple shirt is right up my alley
 2 Disney Hawaiian shirts.....The Donald one is probably my least favorite  ---I like the Enchanted Tiki Room one a lot

Hawaiin shirts = Comfortable

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