Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiki Oasis 2011 Whipped Cream, Herb Albert Styles and Mexican Wrestlers Part 1


Time to grab a Sombrero and get ready for a little Tiki Oasis :South of the Border Style.....I really wish I'd had the money and time to get a couple friends together and come as The Three Amigos

They was even a jail this year in case things got a little rowdy

Shall we Shag  Now or Shag Later?     Tough decisions

Let's get this party started

Free Mustache rides!!!!

Wrestling masks were in style this year

"We will see you inside the steel cage pool later dudes"

That is one way to carry around your drinks

These 2 got a greet sit for the Go-Go girls right near the stage

Is that Zorro????   Not so Much

Up next  The Wrestlers  rocks out in an no bars match to the death.

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