Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Years Eve Tiki (2009)

Up next I planned a New Years Eve night out for me and Kim at Kona's in Sunset Beach…..Kicking in the New Year Tiki Style….With the Surf Band The Eliminators and Tikiyaki…….Here are some pictures….

The Great Tiki was in attendance

Kim Rocking the self picture with her new necklace from X-mas on
Doing a BRAD Pose
The Eliminators
Then a Little Tiki Exotica music
Tiki Fez Style
Tikiyaki Orchestra
Belly and Hula Dancer with a sword
There was even a gorilla there ---which I never saw …I guess we were to busy making out all night.   (not my picture --got off Tiki
Just like the Poem I wrote Kim before we went out
A Midnight Kiss  ---A poem for Kim
To my beautiful girlfriend on New Year's Eve  (NOW MY WIFE)

A midnight kiss belongs to you.
A hand on your wrist to pull you close
Into my arms so I can hold you tight.
A kiss I give to you at midnight…

A Midnight kiss but why should I wait
I'll kiss you once at 10:08
Then again at 11:01
Ten more times after that
Because kissing you is so much fun.
So for you my Love a kiss at 11:54

A Midnight kiss ----why stop there
I'll kiss you all night long as people stare..
A kiss for you at 12:03
Another one on your neck at 1:53
A Midnight kiss isn't good enough
You deserve kisses all the time hot stuff.

We will have some Wine
We will probably dance
There will be a feast
And a hula dance
But there is one thing you can count on it my dear
A Midnight kiss belong to you as I hold you near

12/31/2008 BAC

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