Friday, July 8, 2011

A Food discovery that was right up my alley... The Pineappleman Taco

While in San Antonio I discovered  Tacos with Pineapples in them.....A Tex/Mex thing I guess.
There was this place on the Riverwalk and instead of cheese they had Pineapples in the tacos... and WOW!  was it great.  I never would have thought of Pineapples in Tacos (and I'm the Pineappleman).   What a revelation.   I mean I've had hundreds and hundreds of tacos from places I love like  Super Mex,  and Panchos,  and Baja Sonora,  and Panama Joes...but never a taco with Pineapple......It won me over... So although this my not be "Tiki"   I had to post about it because I intend to try it back home.  The next time I go to Chronic Tacos  I'm going to order a Carne Asada Taco with just  Steak, Lettuce and cheese and then---when I get home throw in a little  Pineapple......The Pineappleman Taco I will call it.
(P.S.  I haven't tried it yet and my wife thinks that it will not go with the cheese....but when I had it in San Antonio I was thinking if only it had cheese it would be perfect)

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