Friday, July 29, 2011

My Tiki/ Pineappleman facebook page is here

In early 1990's after a trip to Maui Pineapple plantation .with my folks and my best friend we came up with a action adventure character called the Pineappleman
--that we wrote a song about --that was later sung by a band we were in together called WASH. (that was kind of a loud noise/Punkish band from Long Beach that destroyed a lot of stuff).....The Pineappleman Song.. Where I would crush a Pineapple over my head at the end of the song 

In 2006 I started a myspace page that I used as a creative writing exercise to write little action adventure stories that I hoped to eventually have as a comic......Which I'm now recreating in blog form since I couldn't access all my older myspace blogs anymore.... 

So here is my facebook page where I will occasionally post links to my Tiki blog and Saga of the Pineappleman..

The Pineappleman song from WASH  performing at Bogart's back in the early 1990's

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