Saturday, July 16, 2011

Countdown to Oasis 34 Days til Tiki Oasis Let the Countdown begin

Tiki Oasis is right around the corner...It has become a bigger and bigger celebration for me and my friends each year.    My first Oasis was about 3 years ago--when me and one of my best friends Eric came down to Oasis for the first time and had a blast.....(Of course we had to fight off a few Zombie attacks).   The next year I invited down Kim for her first visit.....(Shortly after that she become my wife --coincidence I think not)...And last year we came down with 3 other couples.....This year we will be heading down with 4 couples   (our crew keeps growing and growing).... A big shout out to Otto  (Because he is the Man for throwing together this event).

During this countdown I'll be posting  Tiki Oasis  Pictures of the day for the Next  34 days (From my full blogs that can be found  in the archives of this page)    leading up to  Oasis and songs and videos  (from You tube featuring  past and upcoming performers)

Again Thanks Otto for throwing such a great Party!

If for some reason you have no idea what I'm talking about  here is the link to the biggest celebration of Tiki on the West Coast

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