Monday, August 11, 2014

Tiki Oasis Countdown: Days away : Here are Rules to buying a Tiki Necklace at Tiki Oasis

Rules to buying a Tiki Necklace at Tiki Oasis:
Rule number 1:   Make sure that Tiki Necklace is not cursed.   Seriously a cursed Tiki necklace no matter how cool it looks is not worth all the giant spiders or near death surfing crashes. 
The following video will demonstrate the dangers of buying a cursed necklace.

Rule Number 2: Once you have determined that the Tiki necklace you are buying is not cursed 
(I can’t stress that enough)   Select something that represents you.   Find a tiki necklace that demonstrates your true inner tiki.
Rule Number 3: Sprinkle a vile of special volcanic ash collected from the highest peaks in Hawaii over the necklace.  This will make sure to rinse away any possible residuals of a curse. This rule is in case you didn’t do your homework and bought a cursed Tiki by mistake.
Rule Number 4: Try and not get it wet,  or expose it to any loud surf  or exotica music and definitely avoid people dancing around in Hawaiian shirts while holding rum drinks-----that would be very bad and would probably bring out a curse if one was hidden inside the Tiki necklace.

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