Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tiki Oasis 2014 - Episode 4: A Glimpse at the Entertainment, Shopping and More

 I didn't take as many pictures this year --because I decided I'd bring my little old school video camera instead..  Here are few of the photos I got and some of my favorite moments from 2014 not covered in my previous blogs.

Favorite band I heard and didn't see:
Davey Allen and the Arrows played some great instrumental surf while we were having dinner Friday night.

Pleasant Surprise
We caught The Rosalyns in a room crawl on Friday night..  This all girl band rocked out and was a pleasant surprise.

Saturday night
The Unclaimed took the stage put on a good show --despite the advanced age of several of the band members.

The Lampshades were great once again....Only got them on video this year.

Here are a few highlights from our shopping.
Some naughty Disney inspired stuff.

Steady Clothing

SHAG of course.... I wore Shag shirts all weekend so we had to stop by the Shag booth.

I loved this 2015 Tiki Calendar ad

Here is some Tiki Art work...

The Pool Scene was wild as usual with good music and dancing

A Quick stop at the Car Show is a must

The Coolest  looking shop Grider Trading Post looked like something straight out of Adventureland

My favorite moment of the weekend (besides how hot my wife looked in a vintage dress that I bought her that I hope she wears to Tiki Oasis 2015) was my very first symposium.  

I'm a huge Disneyland fan and as I've posted in a previous blog the Tiki Room and my 1980's Adventureland necklace are what got my into Tiki in the first place.   Getting to see and listen to Disney Legend Rolly Crump talk about his career was a true delight.   His symposium was entertaining and makes me want to dive right into his book (which I'm holding in this shot below).   One of the coolest things about this that was actually kind of surreal was sitting at the back of the room watching a Disney Icon talk about creating the Tiki Room, while sitting a few feet away from Art icon Shag who was standing at the back of the room watching Rolly talk as well.  Watching my favorite artist listen to a Disney legend that he has done artwork based on was really cool.

SEE you all again next year! We absolutely can't wait for next years theme....

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