Friday, August 22, 2014

Tiki Oasis 2014 - Episode 3: Revenge of the Rum

Rum, Rum, Rum

Nothing starts off a great Tiki Oasis like a little Sip and Stroll right after you check into your room.  It was big hit last year and even more free rum was ready for tasting this year.  With Rum  from Appleton Estate, Mount Gay, Deadhead,  Tiki Club Liquors, Angostura Rum and Bitters and Papa's Pillars the people were lining up.

Of course free Rum can lead to Shopping

Too much free Rum and you can start seeing strange things.
All of a sudden people turn into Tikis

Giant Tikis come to life and start playing bongos...
The only cure for this hallucination is of course to drown it with more rum.

Pineapples try to shake your hand

You see things like Shrunken Heads

Or Dogs wearing Sunglasses

You stumble up to your friends room to catch some bands and a few Mai Tai punches and by the time you are ready to room crawl

 Things really get  CRAZY

Next thing you know you are surrounded by Bastards playing guitars in a dimly lit room with half naked women

The Rum is truly taking its Revenge on you at this point as glowing color orbs begin to float before your eyes.

I've  even heard stories about a room where the bartenders were monkeys....but that can't be...I'm afraid we have been submerged in rum for too long.....Better head back to shore for Saturday's fun

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