Thursday, August 13, 2015

I’m bringing my Clone to Tiki Oasis and he would like to have an adventure.

I’m bringing my Clone to Tiki Oasis and he would like to have an adventure.

Last year I wrote a blog about bumping into my Clone at Tiki Oasis….

It thought it was funny because I have always talked about wanting  to have a Clone at Tiki Oasis because after you go to Tiki Oasis you feel like there is so much that you missed out on . You can’t be at or see all the cool things that are going on .  I actually have a Clone (a cardboard cut out of myself that I got as a joke for my 40th birthday a couple years ago).  

 I thought it might be funny to bring him this year and basically send him on an wild tiki adventure---see how many people and places he could go and have his picture taken with.

Of course this is really risky – he could end up face first in a dumpster before he had any fun.  Or I could send him on his adventure and no pictures of his adventures might get posted and I will still never know what he experienced.     
My hope is that instead of him getting killed that he could get passed around and taken places on property with photos of his adventures being posted –so I can see what I missed out on through his photos.   I’m still not sure whether to try this –but I think it would be really funny if it was done right.  I would like to do a Blog about his adventures if this plan works.

His name is Darb .  
He will have instructions written on him that will read:
My Clone wants to experience Tiki Oasis.   Take him on an adventure.

Post pictures of him on Facebook as  #DarbsTikiOasisAdventure

I’ll kick things off by with a few photos with The Pineappleman’s crew once we get settled in on Friday afternoon.

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