Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Pineappleman’s 8th Tiki Oasis Adventure Part 1 Rum Tasting (What the Real Darb did)

The Pineappleman here....Beaming down to Tiki Oasis 2015

I’ve already posted about my Clone Darb’s journey at Tiki Oasis.  He had quite an Adventure  getting his photo with Tiki Legends  like Big Toe and Tiki Diablo.  Taking pictures with the Penguin and Tiki Head guy.

He got to hang out with a great group of people at the room crawls and the car show.   All of his additional photos can be found on my Pineappleman facebook page below.
The reason I created Darb was to experience more of Tiki Oasis then ever…..I would say mission accomplished.  Here are some of my pictures  -which I’ll break up over a couple of blogs.
This batch is all from my cracked I-phone so the quality isn't the best on some pictures.  (I’ll get to the camera pictures after I can get them downloaded onto the computer.)

Our traditional Friday arrival always kicks off with the Sip and Shop Rum Tastings.

Shopping and Drinking 

"Just like in the Magazine"  Navin R. Johnson

 Lethal they don't call it Deadhead for no reason.

Painkiller indeed

Don't forget to tip the Bartenders  --The Rum  is Free.
Here is Grey Ghost Rum.

          Rum Tasting and Shopping are a dangerous combo

Up next Part 2 ... Shopping,  Bands, Room Crawls and more fun

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