Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Worst Things about Tiki Oasis (Don't let the Title Fool You) Part 3

Saturday afternoon with all the things on our checklist that we could get to without clones...we prepared for the vendor clear out lawn spot rush.   This year we didn't rush for the front and instead slowly made our way to the back....Aku approved.

Up first the Cheap Leis... Not our favorite of the bands

Time for Hullabilly Costume Contest.

Acapulco Radio a band from across the Atlantic Ocean---over in that place called Europe.   The music for the evening got more to our liking.

Tiki Oasis wouldn't be Tiki Oasis without a Crazy Al dancing moment

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis Number 6 
Who invited Hula Dancers to a Hullabilly party.   Seriously can we please stay within the theme people.

AKU Awakens for the night life

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis Number 7  
The green car at the car show had it right "FIRE BAD"

On a different Note:    The Hula Girls  Very Good.   One of my favorite Tiki Oasis bands returned to the main stage and put on an amazing show.

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis Number 8
FREE BEER!   We told our friends about this odd idea and they made their way to a room that had FREE BEER.   

The final main stage act for the night we caught from back up on the balcony and they were great as well. 
Southern Culture on the Skids. 


And Go-Go Dancers

Of course the Party never ends after the main show as the room crawls just get going.   

Ding Dong Devils

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis Number 9
Midnight Burlesque......Why...Why you have to wait until midnight.

A Sword Swallower........Sure to break the ice at naughty parties

How many times do I have to say it.

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis Number 10
Missing out on the Sunday morning 5K because for the first time in my life I slept through my alarm.......I guess staying up until 3:30 am is not good for a 6:30 5K.  Sorry I missed out

Until Next YEAR!

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