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The Worst Things about Tiki Oasis (Don't Let the Title Fool You) Part 1

The Worst things about Tiki Oasis 2013   (Don’t Let the Title Fool You)

Number 1:  The Weekend goes by way too fast.    It is like a really fun blur (and that isn’t just because of the free Rum tastings and room crawls…. Except maybe Friday night can be blamed on the Fireball shots).    We always go down on Friday afternoon and leave sometime around the middle of Sunday.  
I spend months getting excited that Tiki Oasis is coming and then in the blink of an eye it is over.   
We now go to Tiki Oasis with an entourage of people every year and it just seems like the time flies by and is over way too quickly.

Number 2:  I always feel like I’m missing out on something.   Every year we go to Tiki Oasis and have a blast whether we like the theme for that year or not.  (The best themes were Voodoo Island and Spy theme) By the time Tiki Oasis is over and I start seeing other people’s photos online, I see things that I missed out on.   Cool things that I didn’t see myself.   At the end of Oasis this year all I could think about was how I wish I could have Pineappleman clones.   (This of course lead to an entire tangent for a movie Idea).   I think about 3 or 4 clones would do the trick.  I could send the clones to all the room crawls that I can’t be in at the same time and at the end of the night……I would download all of their memories so I don’t miss out on anything.

Tiki Oasis is such an unusual, wild fun scene.   Probably one of the best people watching locations other than Vegas or Comic Con    So even though I didn’t have the Pineappleman clones running around to experience everything……Here is a glimpse into what I did see this year.

Welcome to Tiki Oasis 2013

My Wife looked amazing this year in one of the little Retro outfits see bought for the Event.

It is here apparently

The Tiki Oasis Theme this year was Hullabilly......So a bunch a Hillbillies showed up

Beware of Sharks......Even they know a good party when they see one.

At Tiki Oasis   "Everybody Loves a little Head"

The Worst Things about Tiki Oasis Number 3

Shopping while tasting free rum samples.....It makes you much more likely to buy stuff.....

Sammy Hagar Rum

And Shop we Did 

The Folks at The Pinup girl store where Kim got a really cute Tiki Dress.


Loved seeing The Walt Family Museum as a sponsor this year ....Since my love of Disney really started my Tiki bug.

SHAG and Otto   (Tiki Royalty)

Like I said the first night was a blur.  We watched most of the show from our friend's balcony ---hanging out doing Fireball shots.

We made it over the Sushi Restaurant at some point to eat and check out the latest Tiki Fashions.

We ended up at the Swank Bastards room crawl  (They always put on a great show.....Although we were so far at the back of the room we didn't actually see them this year.....and then we stuck around for the Creepy of my favorite bands from the first year I came down to Tiki Oasis.

Up next......More of the Worst things about Tiki Oasis  2013  (nudge nudge wink wink) 
The Tiki Car show  and the Saturday night fun.

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