Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wine with Tikis Santa Barbara or "Not all Tikis drink Rum"

On a recent trip to Santa Barabara and Solvang for some relaxation and Wine Tasting I came across in my research before the trip a little place called Kalyra.  A Wine tasting  with Tikis......So of course this went straight to the top of my list.

For the full story about the tasting  check out the Wine blog that I do with my wife.  The 2 Dollar Wine Connoisseur....
In this blog we discuss the tasting itself,

For the Tiki blog I decided to instead  just point out a few tikis to you.
There is one......

Here is another one

Hey look over there a Tiki

Apparently Tikis do drink more than rum because this wine tasting place that had an Australian/Tiki/African feel to it was full of the little bastards.

 Here were the cool coasters for the place that were similar to the style of their wine bottles

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