Monday, May 28, 2012

Santa Barbara Tiki, Mermaid and Shark Sighting

On a recent non-Tiki excursion to Santa Barbara and Solvang (Wine was the subject of this trip).   We actually had a Tiki related experience (Which I will post about soon called Not all Tikis drink rum).   We also spotted the following things near the pier in Santa Barbara.

These 2 places we ran across in an alley while trying to find the wine tasting place we were looking for.....The first a Surf Museum (in Santa Barbara??)   
Here is the link to their website........

With a surf tiki guarding the entrance to this alley location.

I had to stop and take a picture of the Mermaid's chest.....Seriously who wouldn't???  This location was right next to the little alley surf museum.  We may have to stop here the next time we are in town and not searching for wine.

On the way back from Solvang we decided to stop on the pier in Santa Barbara where we saw a giant whale....Moby Dick to be more precise....

 I'm always on the lookout for sharks.

There was a cool typical Beach city knick -knack shop that was connected to another wine bar with an ocean view that we will have to hit up the next time we are in town --since we were all wined out at this point.  I love the cool old school style advertisement.

Here is the cool little ocean view wine bar

Up next ------Not all Tiki's drink Rum

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