Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Retro Movie Review: Winter a Go-Go 1965 6 out of 10

Someone got the idea of taking the Beach movie up to the ski lodge.  Winter a Go-Go as a movie didn't really have much of a plot.  A guy inherits a lodge in Lake Tahoe---hires a bunch of 1960's hotties to help run the place.   Like many of the beach movies it has a bunch of random musical performances--some good some not so much.  It has a loose plot of some bad guy that wants their lodge to fail and sends a couple of toughs to intimidate the 2 main characters.  This lame plot line leads to a couple of fun scenes like a Wild West style bar fight in the Coke bar (apparently they didn't get a liquor license).  There is also a silly fight on the slopes while skiing at each other waving their poles at one another--that was so dumb that it was good.  The movie is full of ski bunnies and impromtu dance numbers and laughing girl crazy Chinese chefs. It is kind of fun for a movie with no real story what so ever.  It could have been a much better movie if someone had bothered to write a script for the movie.

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