Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Dreams of my own Tiki Bar.......Part 1

While swimming laps over at my folks house this weekend my thoughts wandered from counting my laps  (in their pool it is 80 laps ((100 lengths)) for a mile)  to thinking about how I would fix up and Tiki their backyard if I ever inherit the place (and had the money to do it).   I would add palm trees and giant Tikis and a waterfall and little stream feature.  Fix the jacuzzi area and add a cool outdoor kitchen.  The main thing I would do would be to turn the garage into the Pineappleman's Tiki Bar.  

With a mix of inspiration from Trader Sam's  (if I was really Bill Gates rich I would have a big fancy house with an ocean view like that at the Montage in Laguna...with a pathway leading down from the main house to my own Private Trader Sam's like Tiki Bar.)   Since I'm not Bill Gates---I must come up with a cool scaled back version.  (Scaled back more like stripped down---Obviously the Animatronic Tiki Birds from Disneyland will not make it into the Pineappleman's version)

The garage could be turned into The Pineappleman's Tiki Bar pretty easily..... I've seen many pictures of cool home Tiki Bars online at places like Tiki Central.  Go here to check them out if you haven't hundreds of times already..

This project will probably be years and years don't expect any cool progress pictures of the bar that is in my mind coming together.....But in the upcoming parts I will share pictures of concepts and inspirations and individual Tiki items that I would like to eventually put into the place......I will continue to collect Tiki mugs and Tiki items that could eventually go in or be displayed in this stay tuned and I'm open to ideas that I may not have thought of myself.    I like the style of Trader Sam's which is style I would try and show homage to especially with my love of Disney being as strong if not stronger than my Love of Tiki...

In part 2 coming in July I will show pictures of the starting point and share my general first thoughts of what I would do and share some links to some stuff that other people have done.

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