Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Return to Retro Row and a Retro 1970's night out in Hollywood

It had been awhile since we had visited Retro Row on 4th street in Long Beach.  I scored some really cool wild Hawaiian shirts there a few years ago and so we went to see if there was anything that we could find or use for this year's Tiki Oasis

 We didn't end up buying anything on this trip --but had a great time looking at all the cool stuff.   Especially loved the Sneaky Tiki where years ago we bought Kim's first Tiki Mug.

Here are a few pictures I took while Retro Shopping

You gotta love this old school cheesy board Game.

 How about this outfit for Tiki Oasis???

I really want to know what this board game is all about.  Well the era sets up our night time adventure that we did later that evening in Hollywood.

Off to Hollywood: Our Retro day continued as we meet up with friends to see what was Behind this Fridge door?
The answer:  a night of Amazing 1970's Retro fun. 

This Fridge at the back of what looks like someone's garage sale ou is actually the entrance  to  a place called Good Times at Davey Wayne's which we had discovered while watching the Esquire TV Channel show best bars in America.   (One of my new favorite TV Shows by the way)

The place looks like someone's house from the 1970's. 
  It was like being invited to a house party in the 1970's.   Hanging out drinking Rum and Cokes in the living room.   Down the hall is the cool little bar section.

This Bar features a cool display of some old school colas

And Old School Beers 
 The party flows over into the backyard that features a little air Stream trailer that serves adult Shave Ice and drinks

 The music was 1970's all night long which was a blast.  None of that modern day over auto tuned crap -- just good old 1970's music.

It was a totally blast and I would totally recommend this place as a retro getaway for the night.

Much later at night when the place was packed they had a cover band --that was kind of cheesy with a bunch of Hollywood wannbes --but it was still a great time.

Here is their website to learn all about it.

and here is a link to Retro Row in Long Beach

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