Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jan and Dean's Tiki Lounge in Huntington Beach

A Tiki Lounge with a  ocean view.  You really couldn’t ask for a better location for a Tiki Lounge.  On the second floor of the Ruby’s on the Huntington Beach pier now sits Jan and Dean’s Tiki Lounge.   

Now you can sit and watch the Sunset over the ocean while sipping a Tiki Cocktail. 

We didn’t eat there on this first trip since we had already enjoyed our anniversary dinner at Pacific City down the street.   We did enjoy a couple of the tiki cocktails so we could soak in the atmosphere.

Do like Pina Coladas?    I do

Dean's Dream 

The place looks amazing.   The amazing Bamboo Ben helped with the interiors so it feels absolutely Tiki.   

The art of the walls is mainly Jeff Granito (one you our new favorite Tiki artists.  His art is in full display on the big picture as you enter.   


and some Disneyland Tiki Shag art. 

 Also some Surf Music history covers the walls with Gold records from Jan and Dean.  

 I couldn’t have asked for a cooler look and location for a Tiki Bar.  The Tiki Lounge is kid friendly since it is actually still apart of Ruby’s.    That means you can take kids and even order off the Ruby’s menu.    There is also a little side menu of both Tiki food and Tiki drinks.  

Next time we go I'm getting the Blue Hawaiian Sliders

Our one suggestion involves the audio of the place.  Being a kid friendly Lounge the bar can be a little loud.  The environmental sound of jungle and birds was turned up louder than the music.   If they could just adjust the tiki and surf music volume up and the atmosphere audio down a little it would be even better.    Being a huge Disney fan I loved the random every 20 minutes or so Rainforest style Enchanted Tiki room music that briefly kicks in. 

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