Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tiki Oasis 2016: Monster Island: Rum Tastings Shopping and Art Show

Daytime Tiki Oasis 2016 fun included Rum Tastings, Shopping and the annual Art Show.   Here are a few pictures to what 2016 had to offer.


The Cat's Eye Club....A Fun San Diego Tiki Bar in the Gas Lamp area was serving up some good drinks.

Whoa! That is some strong Stolen Rum

 I liked this Rum and the free prizes wheel spin was fun
....even though all I won was a High Five!

Some Monster Tiki Art by Doug Horne

This is True

The Creature 

 Some Monster T-Shirts

The Official Tiki Oasis 2016 Monster Island Merch

 Here are a few samples of the Tiki Oasis 2016 Art Show

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  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog - any idea how I can find those monster glasses? I really, really need them.

  2. Hi Scott, Your best bet would be to send a message to the Tiki Oasis Facebook page.
    Those were Merchandise made for the event if they have any left the Tiki Oasis folks would be the ones that would know.